7/30/2018 - Liolà on the 8th August at the Ancient Theatre
iolà by Luigi Pirandello becomes a musical comedy in the adaptation of Mario Incudine, Moni Ovadia and Paride Benassai, who after a successful debut at the Teatro Biondo in Palermo arrives at the Teatro Antico in Taormina on August 8. Directed by Ovadia and Anvil, who also wrote the music and designed the scenes, the show is produced by the blond of Palermo with the collaboration of the Teatro Garibaldi of Enna and the Teatro Regina Margherita of Caltanissetta. In the role of Liolà, Anvil will be staged together with Moni Ovadia, who plays Uncle Simon, Paride Benassai in the role of Pauluzzu'u Fuoddi, four-eyes Rori as Zà Ninfa, Stefania Blandeburgo in the role of Zà Croce, Aurora Cimino, Graziana Lo Ugly, Chiara Seminara, Sabrina Sproviero, the musicians Antonio Vasta (accordion), Antonio Putzu (Fiati), Manfredi Tumminello (strings) and the chorus of peasants and commoners interpreted by the actors and dancers of the Teatro ditirammudirected by Elisa Parrinello.