6/12/2017 - Announced the five Silver Ribbon Awards
It is three-string challenge to the Silver Ribbons between Gianni Amelio's Joy, Fortunata by Sergio Castellitto and Indivisibili by Edoardo De Angelis, with 7 nominations for each of the most successful films this year. Follow them Beautiful dreams by Marco Bellocchio, Fiore di Claudio Giovannesi (6 nominations) and All you want of Francesco Bruni (5 nominations). Among the most nominated are Fabio Mollo's father of Italy, 48 hours outside of Claudio Amendola, and Sicilian Ghost Story by Antonio Piazza and Fabio Grassadonia, all three in 'cinquina' with 4 nominations. Filmmakers selected them among the 120 titles that went out between 1 June 2016 and 31 May 2017, just after the Cannes Film Festival. The official announcement today in Rome, on the occasion of the tradition that celebrates candidates and special prizes. Among them, the two awards dedicated "for the attention to civilian cinema, especially on the subject of work" to 7 minutes of Michele Placido and Sun heart love by Daniele Vicari. Journalists also received a Prize to the two actors who played the protagonists of Mount Amir Naderi, Claudia Potenza and Andrea Sartoretti "for their special commitment in a test of interpretation, even physically hard." The protagonists of the evening - during which will be proclaimed surprise the winners Of the five technical tapes for photography, set design, costumes, editing, direct sound - also the two winners of the excellent ribbons of this vintage: Roberto Faenza and Giuliano Montaldo. In Faenza's Nastro 'career' for his first half-century cinema in the year of his The truth lies in the sky about the mystery still open, about the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi. Montaldo is a Special Tape as the protagonist of Everything You Want, the film by Francesco Bruni, in which the director has given us an actor as an astonishing interpretation that conquers even the youngest, giving us lightly the poetry of an unusual comedy . Waiting for Taormina, the winners of 2017 will be, as always, the vote (decreed by notary Alessandra Temperini) of the SNGCI filmmakers who also organize this 71st edition.Presale: www.boxol.it; www.ctbox.it