6/12/2017 - Summer Nights at the Ancient Theatre in Catania
Carmen Consoli inaugurates with three concerts; For the lyric comes the Puccini Tosca with Elena Rossi as the title and the Orchestra and Choir of the Teatro Massimo Bellini; For jazz the Brass Group; And the pianists Gilda Buttà, Sofia Vasheruk, Mario Galeani, Palermo Classical Symphony Orchestra directed by Francisco Maestre and the Orchestra in Plettro Città di Taormina. Prosa: the protagonists are Monica Guerritore, Gabriele Lavia, Giuseppe Pambieri, Michele Placido, Edoardo Siravo, Tuccio Musumeci.CATANIA, May 15, 2017 - A big banner for exalting a millennial scene in which the stratified Roman ruins overlap. "Summer Nights at the Ancient Theater in Catania" is the new en plein air season that invites the public to walk through the sinuous ambulances and take the place in the cozy cavea safely restored, while the moonlight is reflected in the silvery water that surrounds it the orchestra. The site, an ambitious destination for visitors from all over the world, is ready - as ever before - to become a scenario of music and prose programming that does not fear confronting the seasons of the most popular classical theaters, not just for the Archaeological valence but also for the quality and quantity of the shows.Catania as Syracuse, like Taormina, will offer evening after evening the stairs of lava stone torn from the degradation of the centuries, in the heart of the historic baroque city. The structure on the Montevergine hill returns to become a theater for the season, which will start on 8 June with the launch of the Carmen Consoli summer tour and will last for three months until September. To present it to the public and to the press, take part in today's press conference: Anthony Barbagallo, Regional Councilor for Tourism, Sports and Entertainment; Enzo Bianco, mayor of Catania and president of the Chamber of Commerce of Massimo Bellini Theater; Orazio Licandro, Councilor for the Saperi and Shared Beauty of the Municipality of Catania; Roberto Grossi, superintendent of Teatro Massimo Bellini, with artistic director Francesco Nicolosi; Maria Costanza Lentini, director of the Catania Regional Polo for the Sites; Ninni Panzera, secretary general of Taormina Arte. A strong institutional presence for a goal that is born out of a shared project.The "Summer Nights at the Ancient Theater" have been promoted under the second edition of the "Anfiteatro Sicilia" circuit, which was successfully launched last year in tandem by the Regional Council for Tourism, Sport and Entertainment and Goods Cultural and Identity of Sicily to network stone theaters. The novelty of 2017 is precisely the enhancement of the Ancient Theater of Catania, realized with the collaboration of the Municipality.The artistic, managerial and organizational coordination has been entrusted to the Teatro Massimo Bellini, which has initiated an initiative for many experimental aspects. It is the first time in Italy that concrete implementation of the legislation for the valorisation of the archaeological areas contained in the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, legislative decree of 2004. A commitment that Bellini is honoring with Taormina Arte, the Theater Stable of Catania and other important theatrical and musical realities of the territory.The billboardAnd we come to the details of the program, the result of prestigious contributions. The Massimo Bellini Theater offers the three megaconcerts of Carmen Consoli, the singer who will perform with Bellini soloists (8, 9 and 10 June). There will be two symphonic concerts dedicated to movie music that will feature the Orchestra del Massimo Catanese: American Movies Tribute (July 2nd), homage to the Hollywood soundtracks, director Carmen Failla, and Satan Rapsodia (July 9) On the projection of the homonymous silent film by Nino Oxilla of 1917 and the live performance of the column written by Pietro Mascagni; Directs Marcello Panni. For the great lyric comes the sumptuous setting of pucciniana Tosca (28, 30 July, 1 August), director Valerio Galli, directed by Renzo Giaccheri, with Elena Rossi (Tosca), Enrique Ferrer (Mario Cavaradossi), Orchestra and Choir of the Teatro Massimo Bellini .Equally full the contribution of Taormina Arte with almost all exclusive productions. A nutcracker is dedicated to prose. Amleto's son Amleto (July 21st), directed by Andrea Elodie Moretti, is a version of Shakespeare's masterpiece originated from creative exchanges with actors from Parisian Bouffes du Nord and follows the narrative thread of Peter Brook's reinterpretation. The dream of a ridiculous man (August 5) by Fjudor Dostoevskij renewes Gabriele Lavia's historic relationship with Taormina Arte, as intense as this powerful work able to shake even the most indifferent souls as it is precisely against the indifference that beats."From Hell ... to the Infinite (August 12), it is written and directed by Monica Guerritore: a literary journey into the human soul accomplished through the words of great authors who have been questioned about the sense of existence. Evening of honor (August 20th) is a recital by Michele Placido who wants to be a dialogue between artist and spectator, through poems and monologues of immortal authors. TaoArte also offers interesting musical appointments, such as the Plettro Orchestra of Taormina City (August 4th), the jewel of the Jonas Pearl, directed by Antonino Pillitteri. Composed of mandolins, mandolins, mandolinos, guitars and double basses, he will play music by Mascagni, Gioviale, Falbo, Gulotta. Sea stories (August 11th) will feature on the stage the Fiery Orchestra of the Corelli Conservatory of Messina, director Lorenzo Della Fonte, who chose to tell the sea through a vast and sophisticated program ranging from Verdi to Rimskij-Korsakov, From Sousa to Williams. After the break of August will be performed by Gilda Buttà (August 17), the favorite pianist of Ennio Morricone, who will perform songs by Gershwin and Morricone himself, of which he recorded the soundtrack of the film The legend of the pianist on the ocean and other masterpieces , As Reverse Canon, Love Affair, The Untouchables. Palermo Classical Symphony Orchestra (August 18) presents with Francisco Maestre on the podium and Sofia Vasheruk, solo pianist for the famous and impervious Second Rachmaninov Concert. Luna's Light Suggestions (August 24) is the recital of pianist Mario Galeani, whose title refers to Beethoven's famous sonata, scheduled for the Chopin Nightwish and ultra-Renaissance pages of Lysica and Wagnerian ascendancy. An excursion into jazz music entrusted to the wisdom and creativity of the Brass Group (22 July) could not be missed. Of particular importance is the specific section of the billboard entitled "Ancient Comedy", a genre that obviously finds in the stone theaters the ideal space of the origins. Among the selected texts: Dyskolos di Menandro (from 23 to 25 June) with Tuccio Musumeci, a co-production of Stabile Theater in Catania and the Theater of the City; Placca di Plauto (July 14-16) with Giuseppe Pambieri and her daughter Micol, still produced by the Theater of the City directed by Giuseppe Argirò; The Cyclope (August 10), a production of The Two Mari's Theater, proposes satirical drama of Euripides in translation and adaptation by Philip Amoroso, with Edoardo Siravo in the title role and directed by Angelo Campolo.